About us

We built this page out of frustration.

Like you, we tried to maximise value with our budget. It doesn't take a genius to realise that reaching out to the owner increases your purchasing power by 5% - but we learnt that reaching out to owners directly is really time consuming (yes, we know the drill - went around for walks, browsing agent websites and trying to guess the location of the property and some more crazy stuff!!) Most adverts on Maltapark and the Classified are posted by agents. Besides, the adverts on the Classified give little information and show no pictures.

Also, even though you are reaching to owners through the Owners Direct magazine, the owners still pay a commission if the property is sold within a specified time period. There was almost no way you could contact the owner to save on the agency fee!

For this reason, we wanted to build a channel where owners and buyers can find each other with less effort.

The service is completely free for the first 3,000 listings (originally we gave out the first 1,000 listings for free, but we have increased this limit to 3,000). After that, a listing will cost €30 incl. VAT (the first 3,000 listings will remain free until the property is sold or rented). No commission and no hidden charges.

Good luck!
The No Agent Fees team